On average, and depending on what sort of work is required, whoever is involved in your marketing and management would typically take a commission of 15-20% of gross income on top of whatever expenses are incurred. These are things to consider when working with management teams - all sorts of information that can be discussed in a consultation between LoClasse and yourself.

Talent Management

Having a LoClasse representative as your talent manager will reap many benefits, such as having our knowledge in how to negotiate contracts and fees, book events as well as search for venues that match your career strategy and creativity.

We can show you how to manage publicity and create promotions, as well as advising on major career decisions, such as which recording studio to work with to which content creator to use for the photos and videos in your next marketing campaign.

Our clients  Group Project , an Indie-Electronic band from Montreal.

Our clients Group Project, an Indie-Electronic band from Montreal.