Radio Coverage

Access to an online radio station (MakeWay Radio), as well as having various contacts at local FM radio stations, one thing we can offer to artists is the option of on-air advertisement.

Be it for musical air time, 30-second advertisements between songs or more, LoClasse can help the client gain as much exposure as possible using connections in the radio industry.

About MakeWay Radio

MakeWay Radio is an online platform for the latest musical content and independent artists to be heard. We have live shows every week to bring in guests and talk about industry topics.

We are located in the MakeWay Studios building at the front office. Having a partnered recording studio we have a ear to the latest independent artist! We are always happy to have people in for meetings and sponsorships so don't hesitate to mail us.

"Every year we notice less and less people are using FM/AM radio in their cars, homes & businesses. In the new age of AUX cables and Bluetooth we have made it very assessable to tune into our stream at home or on the road! Use our website or mobile App to have a direct stream to MakeWay Radio."

Take your interview to the next level. We offer a full media team to help make the most of your experience here at MakeWay. We offer all services for your interview; we can pair you with our staff and cover the interview with video, photos and promo flyers to build hype. Come make a way for artists to be heard, network and expand their fan base with MakeWay Radio!

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