Hardbody Jones

That handsome fella up there ^^?
That's Hardbody Jones.

You might not think he's human from his abundant weirdness, or how he finds a way to do everything he tries in the most original way possible.
Often it ends up being something that shouldn't be... but sometimes, it ends up being something strange, something you're not used to, but also –– SUPER DUPER BLESS.
This is basically how Hardbody could be best described: an extreme equation of weirdness that ends up being kinda cool.
He wrote his first rhymes at 8, back when he thought a whole song was just 4 bars repeated, because his dad is a house music fanatic. It ended up being 8 pages worth of 4 bars. Now he's at Recording Arts Canada, has over 20 tracks on his SoundCloud, makes a handful of beats weekly, models a bit in his spare time and owns a studio in the West of Montreal. His goal for 2017 is to release at least 30 songs on his SoundCloud and to start a band, so keep your eyes peeled...

Hardbody Jones is on the rise.