Graphic Design

Our incredibly talented team of graphic designers are the future of content creation for your company.

LoClasse works with the best of the best; designers that are able to adapt to every one of your needs, at affordable rates.

To work with our designers, contact us for a free consultation on any idea or project in mind, and we will happily get back to you.

From album art, to social media ads, to logo design

 Sample Album Art by  Giostino Giotezio  for  Polykrome

Sample Album Art by Giostino Giotezio for Polykrome

LoClasse can do it all. 

 Even our logo was created by  Daniel Schrier , a LoClasse graphic designer!

Even our logo was created by Daniel Schrier, a LoClasse graphic designer!

 Also made by  Daniel Schrier  using the Fibonacci sequence. 

Also made by Daniel Schrier using the Fibonacci sequence. 

Our graphic designers are more than versatile, they are limitless!

 By the talented  KT

By the talented KT